Eight Drivers Who Picked Up Remains of Babies from Abortion Clinics Quit Because They ‘Just Didn’t Want to do It Anymore’

A pro-life group says a medical waste hauler has reneged on its promise to stop serving abortion clinics.

Stericycle had assured pro-life group Created Equal since 2016 that it is no longer picking up remains of terminated babies from abortion clinics, and in fact the firm cancelled hundreds of contracts.

Created Equal director Mark Harrington, however, tells OneNewsNow it has been learned that Stericycle is still working with some clinics around the country.

Created Equal, meanwhile, has produced a video testimony of a former Stericycle driver from South Carolina who described the gruesome job of visiting the abortion clinics.

“Every time I rolled by that place,” the driver recalls, “I got a chill on the inside, so I just didn’t want to do it anymore.”

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SOURCE: One News Now, Charlie Butts