ERLC Apologizes for Video Comparing Mistreated Animals to Unborn Babies in Danger of Being Aborted

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission has issued an apology for posting a video comparing animals to unborn babies, saying “only humans are created in the image of God.”

As the convention’s public policy arm often posts videos to help guide viewers on different moral issues of the day, the ERLC posted a 50-second video last week that featured Fordham University theology professor Charles Camosy.

Camosy, who has previously argued that Christians should become vegans, stated in the video that “nonhuman” animals “merit our serious attention” and went onto to equate mistreated animals to unborn human babies in danger of being aborted.

According to the Washington Post, Camosy stated:

“[Animals are] also vulnerable. They’re also voiceless. They also are pushed to the margins because they’re inconvenient, interestingly just like prenatal children are,” Camosy said. “And there’s a growing number of people who are pro-life in that they’re anti-abortion, but also pro-life in that they want to stand up for the dignity of nonhuman animals.”

The next day, ERLC Vice President for Communications Daniel Darling posted an apology on the ERLC website, explaining that the video was posted by someone on his team in error and without approval. Darling explained that the decision to post the video was “embarrassing” and an “honest mistake.”

“Yesterday, the team I lead at the ERLC posted a video on our website about the way humans should think about animals,” Darling wrote. “Bottom line up front: this video does not reflect our views on the subject. It was an accident and an honest mistake but an embarrassing one nonetheless, and I’d like to apologize for allowing this video to post and for the understandable confusion it created.”

Darling further explained that the video that was uploaded was part of hundreds of hours of footage that ERLC captured at the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. in January.

After the hours of video are edited by a contracted technician, Darling explained that the ERLC communications team combed through the hundreds of videos to decide which ones will be posted.

“Often, we’ll find the videos useful and helpful, and we’ll post them online. Occasionally, though, we’ll review a video and choose not to publish it because it doesn’t align with our mission,” Darling stated. “In this case, this week, one of the members of my team accidentally posted this video which had not yet been reviewed, never would have been approved, and never should have been posted.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith