End Times Cult Leader Sentenced to 26-to-Life in Prison for Child Bigamy and Sodomy

A doomsday cult leader who claims he is the reincarnation of several biblical prophets has been sentenced to 26-to-life in prison on the charges of child bigamy and sodomy in Utah.

John Alvin Coltharp, 34, was sentenced in Manti’s 6th District Court on Wednesday, according to Fox 13. The man, who led an apocalyptic group known as the “Knights of the Crystal Blade” in Spring City, pleaded guilty of inflicting trauma on six children.

The cult leader kidnapped four children last year in central Utah. Police found two of them in a mobile home near Cedar City, while the other two children were found hiding in empty water barrels near freezing temperatures.

Samuel Shaffer, another cult member who was charged, said that he was “betrothed” to Coltharp’s 8-year-old daughter, while Coltharp himself was married to his 7-year-old daughter.

Since Coltharp pleaded guilty to child sodomy, a first-degree felony, and child bigamy, a second-degree felony, the child kidnapping and obstruction of justice charges were dropped.

Coltharp made several claims during his sentencing, including that he is the reincarnation of Old Testament prophets Jacob and Elijah and of John.

“My marriage was the right thing to do,” Coltharp said. “If I’m a sex offender for what I’ve done. If I go to the other side, I’ll be in good company with all those other sex offenders I’ve read about in the scriptures.”

The cult leader also made prophesies about the end of the world.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov