‘God Friended Me’: CBS’ New Show About God Friending a Millennial Atheist on Facebook May Be the Most Unexpected and Inspiring TV Series on the Fall Schedule

Judging from this trailer (below), the new CBS series “God Friended Me” looks really promising. Who’da thunk? Faith, belief and God on network television in 2018?

One TV executive at a rival network even told The Hollywood Reporter this was the one show he wished he was carrying. “It feels like a fresher version of Joan of Arcadia,” he said. “I would love to be creatively involved in that.”  Another exec added: “It’s proof that you can do a hopeful, affirming show on broadcast.”

From CBS, the premise:

A podcast-hosting, self-proclaimed “pesky atheist who wants to make you think” (Brandon Micheal Hall) isn’t so sure what to think when he’s friended by God on Facebook and then poked to help strangers for reasons that aren’t immediately clear. The truth is there’s more to this story than our hero or anyone else knows.


SOURCE: Patheos – Greg Kandra